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How do I apply to the Collaborative?

You must contact the Collaborative Liaison at your university social work program to get the information you need to apply. If selected to be a Collaborative Student, you will participate in an orientation session. Each university’s social work program contacts will determine the student’s eligibility, and provide the student with information about the formal application process.

Does the Collaborative offer stipends to defray the cost of tuition?

There are no stipends available at this time.

Does the Collaborative offer other support?

The Collaborative hosts a number of training, educational, and professional events typically offered at no cost to Collaborative students. If students experience financial barriers that prevent them from attending Collaborative events, we offer travel and hotel stipends to ensure all interested students can participate.

I’m interested in child welfare but don’t want to enroll in a BSW or MSW program. Can I still participate in the Collaborative?

At this time, the Collaborative is only available to students enrolled in a BSW or MSW social work program that has a formal affiliation with the Collaborative.

Which university social work programs are affiliated with the Collaborative?

There are twenty participating universities.